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Embracing the power of generational diversity in modern workplace, ETHRWorld |

<p>Vieshaka L Dutta, Director - Diversity, Equity &amp; Inclusion, India &amp; APAC, Publicis Sapient</p>
Vieshaka L Dutta, Director – Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, India & APAC, Publicis Sapient

As the workplace evolves, so do its dynamics. It’s now commonplace to witness Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials and Generation Z collaborating side by side, each contributing their unique perspectives and experiences. This harmonious blend of generations reflects the changing landscape of the working world. As the working age population steadily declines, the emergence of a generationally diverse workforce is no longer an exception but rather the norm.

Intriguingly, this convergence of diverse generations brings both opportunities and challenges. Managing the expectations and aspirations of individuals from different age groups has taken centre stage in the quest for inclusion. The interplay of distinct communication styles and potential interpersonal frictions highlights the imperative for companies to proactively embrace and address generational diversity.

However, there’s a deeper layer to this phenomenon. Successful navigation of the intricacies of a multigenerational workforce can unlock a tapestry of strengths and capabilities that, when woven together, create a more collaborative and productive environment.

Bridging the communication divide

One of the most conspicuous manifestations of generational diversity is the divergence in communication preferences. The seasoned professionals of older generations often place value on…

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