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Employee Advocacy & Championing Change will be the guiding force for organizational resurgence and growth in 2021

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Rendezvous with Thiru A Thirunavukkarasu Chief Mentor – HR Cadila Pharmaceutical Limited

Thiru A Thirunavukkarasu, popularly known as A Thiru, Chief Mentor – HR Cadila Pharmaceutical Limited. He has over three decades of experience in human resources, prior to joining Cadila he has worked as President – Corporate HR with JK Organisation (EZ). Earlier to JK Organisation, Thiru was associated with Vedanta Resources Plc, a global diversified Natural Resources Major as President – Group HR and Member of the Executive Committee, and previously he has worked with companies like TVS Electronics, Hindustan Unilever Limited, Wimco Ltd, and Areva T&D.  Thiru holds a Master of Social Work (MSW) degree, Personnel Management & Organizational Behaviour from Loyola College, Chennai in 1982 – 1984.

Q- How do you see COVID-19 pandemic impact on HR and its workforces?

It has brought HR and its workforce closer than ever before. The traditional organizational hierarchies have given room for flexibility and expertise to lead an organizational structure, though informally but effectively. While customer-centricity has emerged as the topmost priority of the mind, care and concern have emerged as the topmost priority of the heart. HR leaders who could empower themselves more as Credible Activists during these unprecedented times could do justice to both to their organizations well as the workforce. They continued to engage their workforce, including the contract labour, by not resorting to any shortsighted approach namely lay-off, involuntary separation, compulsory leave, wage cut.

Exemplary organizations like Cadila not only enforced strict rules to fight Covid but also encouraged employee volunteerism as Covid-Warriors. Support was provided beyond workplace to families of employees as well. This has created impeccable emotional association as the Care Continues…    

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