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Employee Attendance Policy: What It Is and What to Include

By | Jen McKenzie | Content Manager at IVY Solutions

It’s 10:15 AM, and your “trouble employee” still hasn’t arrived for his 9 AM shift. Cursing your bad luck, you scramble to find someone to cover for him until you can figure out where he is.

At times like these, you wish you had an established system for enforcing shift schedules.

No matter your industry or workplace, you need an employee attendance policy.

It helps your employees understand what’s expected of them—and it gives you a procedure for enforcing attendance rules fairly.

In this post, we’ll explain what an employee attendance policy is, why you need one, and how to create an effective one for your organization.

What Is an Employee Attendance Policy? 

Many managers struggle to outline specific expectations. They say things like “try to be on time” instead of “being more than 5 minutes late for your shift counts as tardiness.”

What those managers don’t understand is that employees prefer clear expectations over a friendly manager. That’s where your attendance policy comes in.

An employee attendance policy is a document—usually part of the employee handbook—outlining the expectations for your employees’ presence at work, including how you handle time off, tardiness, and no-shows. 

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