Employee benefits tips from the CEO of Facet. Plus, YC’s ’19 startups and the genius of Googling while coding


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“The company should be willing to share … with you. If not, then that should be a red flag”

A startup called Toptal made headlines this week after a report came out that it’s using convertible note agreements to delay awarding promised equity to employees and investors. With the ever-changing landscape of tech company employee benefits hard to navigate even without strange complications like these popping up, I decided to grab an expert, Facet CEO Robert Sweeney, to get some perspective.

Before starting Facet, which helps place software engineers at tech companies, Sweeney worked as a software engineer at tech companies like Netflix and Microsoft; he’s also hired software engineers to work at tech companies he’s started. In our conversation below, he provides advice for jobseeking software engineers sorting through equity options and all the new-fangled employee benefits packages of today.

This conversation has been lightly edited.

How much of a role have you seen benefits and equity typically play in a software engineer candidate’s final decision on a position?

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