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Employee Connect- A Real Meaning

Source | LinkedIn : By Anshul Saxena

We as HR professional talk in length about employee connect. But frankly speaking only few know about real art of connection. Correctly said, it’s not an art but it’s a science, a researched subject in which only few have mastery.

Now most of you will say that my interpretation is wrong and how can you say it’s only few who master this science?

I have a series of evidences and certainly will quote few here also, but let me tell you in my opinion what is this employee connect exactly.

Employee Connect is nothing but:

  • Connecting employees emotion with you
  • Overcoming his fear of losing his/her job in case he/she openly talks with you
  • Nurture him/her as your family member
  • Note his/her small actions and assess his /her sentiments
  • Evolve him/her as a brand ambassador for you
  • Communicate him/her openly and start
  • Trusting him/her with his/her actions that they will be in your favor

But how many of us do it the same as said above ??

Few mistakes we commit while having employee connects initiatives giving a PAUSE to our connections:-

  • Probe too much without gaining confidence of employee
  • Ask direct questions, which are mostly answered with misleading facts.
  • Use him/her as spy or information source not as ambassador.
  • Start gauging information from day one.
  • Engaging all initiatives with objective of achieving company’s profit not on gaining employee’s trust.

Would like to share some tips; which I do use at work and that work well for me and my colleagues. I call this as Go As Is approach:

  • Get on floor, leaving your ego at your desk.
  • Often talk to employees in their language (not referring to Hindi / English / telgu / Punjabi), I mean creating familiar environment around where you are not considered alien.
  • Appreciate them if they become critic to policies/ process of company, it will help organization in getting better.
  • Support them to talk about their choices, goals, career plans; they look at you for your valuable advises as you being professionally meant for it.
  • Involve personally; ask about their well being, works well for employees staying far off from their families. (Be careful in case of female colleagues, they might not like it so understand the boundaries before implying the same in action).

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