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Employee Engagement and Business Growth Tips in the Hospitality Industry

By | Elaine Bennett

Happy, engaged, and properly motivated workers are critical for the success of any company. If these factors are not in place, not even the latest-gen business tools, or the well-optimized business models can help companies to run the market race indefinitely.

These things are nowhere more evident than in the hospitality industry where your employees are always in contact with your clients where their disengagement can have very severe and very evident consequences. In the same manner, people feel when someone is trying their best to make them feel pleasant. Such a level of hospitality can easily set your company ahead of the direct competitors and help it grow.

Well, let us then take a look at a couple of strategies that will help you to meet both these ends in one swift stroke.

Communicate in an honest and transparent manner

The more transparent and open you are, the better. Every vital piece of information that concerns the rest of the company needs to be made available to the rest of the company. Also, people need to be aware of the reasons behind the decisions that are shaping their future. When you are facing some problems and mistakes, they need to be discussed openly and without any scolding to avoid encouraging the atmosphere of cover-up and evasion of responsibility. These simple moves will not only be immensely useful in building a positive workplace culture, but also in ensuring an uninterrupted information flow.

Foster a culture of constant improvement

Of course, your company should provide the resources for this professional improvement in the form of seminars, workshops, and internship programs. Once again, this simple solution will open numerous benefits. First, continuous improvement is critical both for people and the efficiency of internal processes. So, as a result, you will get a team of people able to work with much greater efficiency. Also, by turning your company from a simple employer to a platform for career development, you will cut employee turnover at its root while creating a much greater sense of camaraderie and loyalty to your organization.

Develop professional expertise

These improvements can be implemented across all facets of your company, so you can’t really make any mistakes no matter you are investing in more efficient business equipment or learning how to advertise a country online, you will see tangible improvements in your operations and your revenue. But these efforts have one additional benefit in terms of human resources. If they have access to top-tier equipment or work for an employer they see as competent, your workers will approach their obligations with much greater confidence. That, in turn, will drastically help their development.

Invest in employee’s wellbeing

Wellbeing programs can include a wide variety of different benefits ranging from access to top-tier health services to using affirmative communication methods equipping the workplaces with casual fitness equipment. All these small improvements can have a tremendously positive impact on the physical and mental health of your workers and make them feel more at home at your premises. We also keep in mind that the well-being of your workers is not some intangible trait you should pursue just to check obligatory boxes. Stronger overall health also reduces absenteeism and improves overall productivity.

Leverage flexible work models

By that we mean the options like flexible scheduling, and, if possible, telecommuting. Present-day workers consider good work-life balance as one of their top priorities, even more so than high salaries and other popular benefits. Allowing them to achieve this balance will improve their satisfaction and make them more engaged with their work obligations. These innovations can also completely change how your team performs productivity-wise. Numerous sources, for instance, Forbes, claim that there is a direct relation between flexible work hours and labor output which is always good to know.

Invest in employee retention

Last but not least, we would like to point out that even though all of the previous measures can go a long way in improving employee retention, making this one of your priorities rather than simple outcomes, the results you are going to produce will also be more pronounced. So, start leveraging this fact by setting clear retention goals and backtracking the moves you need to make from rewards and recognitions, down to the very start of your relationship and the onboarding process. As you can guess, the staff continuity you are going to produce will also have an impact on customer satisfaction and revenue.

We hope these few examples helped you get a better understanding of how closely are employee engagement and business growth tied together and what are moves you can make to make drastic improvements in both these areas. Be that as it may, the most important thing you should take out of this short discussion is that successful companies are built by the work of satisfied and engaged workers. Every cent your spend in this regard will make very tangible returns further down the road.

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