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Employee Engagement – Four Key Questions with Marcus Buckingham


Marcus Buckingham unveils to the Harvard Business Review, the four-key questions to team leaders need to answer quarterly about their team members to drive smart performance management data insights and build stronger teams.


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  1. Excellent set of questions – not only to evaluate your team member, but to truly get to the root of whether or not you are managing/leading that person and your team effectively.  As a leader, you can't avoid those answers.  If you wouldn't rehire, pick that person, promote them – why are they on your team? If you didn't originally hire them (inherited them), what are you doing to help support them in their efforts to be the person you'd rehire, pick, promote?

  2. If leaders are asking these questions, it leads them to engage their team members differently, managing contribution (forward looking) more than performance (backward looking). That shifts the leader into a coach approach which will go far to demonstrate concern and increase engagement. Also, the fourth question leads to self-reflection on the part of the leader. The leader is responsible for creating the conditions that drive high engagement and high performance. If the employee isn't performing as expected, it is a faulty assumption to decide the problem is 100% the employee's. Maybe there is a barrier due to something the leader is or isn't doing. Great questions. Thanks, Marcus!

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