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Employee Experience: It’s The #1 Issue At Work – Even Right Now

By | Josh Bersin | Global Industry Analyst, I study all aspects of HR, business leadership, corporate L&D, recruiting, and HR technology

For many years LinkedIn has helped us understand the world of work through research, economic insights, and thought leadership. The 2020 Global Talent Trends have perfectly summarized much of the insights I’ve collected, so let me highlight them here.

First let me say, the Coronavirus is clearly our #1 issue right now. Nearly every company I talk with has now halted travel, reduced the size of meetings, and even mandated that employees stay away from each other (a large pharmaceutical client of ours now has a rule that employees must stay at least two meters from each other in meetings).

I just finished a meeting with one of the world’s largest software companies and everyone avoided handshakes, we all wiped our hands all afternoon, and we were all careful not to stand too close together. While these are important initiatives for employee wellness, public health, and value to society, they’re part of the employee experience too.

What LinkedIn’s Research Tells Us: First, EX has Arrived With Vengeance

Among more than 7,000 HR professionals, by far the #1 issue on the mind of leaders it the “employee experience or EX” (94% cited it important). That particular phase, which used to be another name for employee engagement, has now turned into an entire domain. What does it exactly mean?

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