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Employee Experience Journey: Ten Key Points

Source | : By Ben Whitter

Employee experience is the number one human capital trend in 2017. No question.

Why? With more companies than you can count opting to fully embrace this new future, not just for HR, but for the whole business, the time for this renewed and energizing focus on the quality of our experiences in work has come. And guess what? It’s not just technology firms leading this workplace revolution.

What exactly is employee experience?

Employee experience is the intentional design and engineering of a high value, integrated and end-to-end employee experience. From pre-hire to retire, using the experience as a lens, we can maximize all the interactions an individual has with an employer over the long-term to create a deep sense of belonging and co-create high performance and stronger business outcomes.

This is not for everyone; it takes real commitment to provide a superior workplace experience. This is evident in the investment in HR technology, tools, and physical infrastructure as well as the progressive design of key HR and management practices.

All of this is aligned and coordinated to have maximum impact in translating the vision and values of the business into a day-to-day reality to drive great business outcomes.

Just ask GE, Lazada, Aurecon, Harrods, GSK, Riot Games, Nike, Maxis, Atlassian, Commonwealth Bank, DBS, and of course, the tech icons are all in there too with LinkedIn, Cisco, Facebook and Airbnb charting an experiential path.

The Chinese ‘Big 4’ are also locking experience into operations with Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba, and Huawei proving to be top pick for talented graduates who want to create history through a compelling mission and purpose.

Does your organization have an all-consuming mission? It should, and employee experience is there to bring that to life.

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