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Employee experience: why less is more when it comes to HR policy

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Employee experience: why less is more when it comes to HR policy
In the current climate of rapid and frequent change, having HR policies that are too rigid and inflexible can hamper progress and actively damage your company culture.

As more employers realize the importance of designing experiences at work with the needs of the employee at the center, we are starting to understand the potential contribution HR and company policy can have on employee wellbeing and performance. To explore this further, I had some secret conversations with HR, reward, and wellbeing leaders from across the globe.

There is a growing disdain for employee handbooks and the unnecessarily long and complex nature of them in a world where our attention spans are limited, and interpretation of rules is complicated.
What emerged was that too many organizations are over-engineering their HR policies. Instead of upholding a company’s values, too many regulations and too much detail in HR policies can actively damage culture.

Designing for bad apples
When we have policies and rules at work, it’s incredibly important that everyone understands why these policies are in place from a cultural perspective. This is more important than the policy itself because it allows managers to use their understanding of the individual to ascertain how the policy should be enforced.

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