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Employee Feedback is Like Air: Leaders Can’t Do Without It

Source | LinkedIn | Dale Rose, Ph.D.

At varying points in time, all leaders are required to inspire, motivate, and challenge employees, colleagues, customers and stakeholders. At other times, leaders need to monitor performance, hold people accountable for results, and negotiate areas of conflict.

In all of these situations, leaders rely on feedback from other people to gauge their effectiveness. In particular, leaders need employee feedback. Without it they have little hope of inspiring or motivating.

Imagine, for example, you are speaking to a room of 200 people on a topic they should all be highly engaged in. After about ten minutes you crack a joke or make a humorous comment. Nothing happens. No response. Then you notice that no one is smiling or frowning. You see nothing but blank stares. You have zero feedback. How would you know what to do to get things on track? At least if someone was nodding off, you would know to speed up, talk louder, or turn down the heat in the room!

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