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Employee Happiness Is Declining: Here’s How a People-Centric Culture Can Help

By | Anthony Santa Maria |

The latest Glint Employee Well Being Report shows that over the last quarter employee happiness dipped while burnout rose. Employee well-being is not a fad, and organizations hoping to retain their best performers amid the Great Reshuffle need to put their people first.   

We reached out to one of our employee engagement experts, Bryan Dobkin, a senior people science consultant, to understand what’s driving the decline in employee happiness and how people leaders can build a people-centric culture. 

Q: We’re seeing employee happiness steadily declining. Why is that? 

A: Well, how much time do you have? 

There are many factors at play, but it’s important to note that not all organizations are struggling. Some have successfully evolved their workplace policies to better support the whole person and have stepped up to focus on transparent communication. These organizations have sustained the higher levels of engagement that we saw earlier on in the pandemic.   

That said, at a macro level, we are now seeing a downward trend in employee happiness.  

Q: What are companies getting wrong?

A: Unfortunately, some organizations have forgotten the lessons they learned when the world was turned upside down. One theme I’ve seen across many organizations is a desire from leadership to revert to pre-pandemic ways of working. They are attempting to return to “normal,” but in a way that doesn’t make sense to some employees. 

Employees are not blind to these shifts, and many are left wondering why certain decisions were made. For example, some organizations are choosing to implement rigid hybrid or onsite work policies, which doesn’t make sense to individuals who believe that the last 18 months proved they can be successful in a fully remote environment.  

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