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Employee Health (And Why it Matters to HR)

Source | | Erik van Vulpen

Employee health is essential, no kidding. Nobody wants to work next to someone vomiting in a trash can. No client wants to see that. So, we’re all clear that if you have a stomach bug, you should stay home from work.

What we’re not clear on, is what happens next. Should the employee work a full day from home? Of course not, we say on paper, but many people do, and many bosses demand it. The work must get done, regardless of how you feel now.

Employee health is a hot topic, but what does your organization do about it? What should you do? That’s what we’ll take a look at in this article. First, let’s begin by defining employee health.

What is Employee Health?

Employee health encompasses the physical and mental status of your employees. It can cover illness and wellness in the same breath. When we talk about health, physical health comes into mind first, but mental health is just as important. And bad physical health can lead to bad mental health and vice versa.

We can also talk about the wellness and prevention side of employee health. Smoking, lack of exercise, and bad eating habits are areas in which companies often want to intervene. Annual physicals and even free flu shots are something that companies are concerned with. All of it rolls into one employee health package.

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