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Employee self-service can improve absence management – Ciphr | Barry Chignell

Reducing absence (and the associated costs) should be a priority for all organisations. But to do so, HR teams first need to capture accurate absence data so they can understand and analyse trends that’ll help them devise an absence-reduction strategy. 

Employee self-service HR software allows organisations to accurately capture this information. Read on for five ways it can help to improve absence management and reduce absences. 

How employee self-service is used to reduce absences and improve absence management 

From easy access to absence policies and wellness initiatives to better record keeping and visibility, employee self-service is a useful tool for absence management and reduction. 

1. Employees can enter their own absence records 

The most accurate and efficient way to capture employee data is to allow your employees to enter it themselves into your absence management software. By using our HRIS systems, employees can easily submit how long they will be off and the reason for their absence. This information will then automatically be sent to their line manager for approval. 

The more accurate the data, the more accurate the data analysis results will be, which will help HR teams when devising absence reduction strategies. Additionally, knowing absences will be recorded and viewed by their line managers in real time may discourage employees from taking time off for reasons that aren’t genuine. 

2. Absence records are easily accessible 

Having absence…

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