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Employee Wildfires: 5 Ways To Stomp Out These Petty Nuisances

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Feel like you’re spending more time putting out wildfires?

You know, the unnecessary ones sparked by petty employee outbursts.

One minute things are fairly quiet and, next thing you know, something flares up and causes yet another disruption.

You can almost smell the smoke outside your office.

Here are five classic employee fires that, with some deft handling, you can stomp out for good.

‘I Do More Work Than She Does!’

When an employee hollers that she works harder than employee A, B or C, most of the time she’s telegraphing that she feels overworked. Thus, to her, everyone seems like they’re pulling less than their weight.

But it could be simply a time management issue.

Take the employee aside and ask how she’s doing and if she’s feeling a little swamped.

Get the employee to be honest; explain that you know she can do the work but you’d understand if there’s too much on her plate right now.

She’ll appreciate your concern and likely will be more candid. Then you can both address how to prioritize tasks and set some deadlines so she feels less overwhelmed.

When that happens, she’ll feel less inclined to take out her stress on co-workers.

‘Everyone Steals My Ideas!’


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