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Employees are most Productive when given one thing (No, Not More Money)

Source || Praveen Kamath Kumbla, Human Resources, Wipro Limited

It’s innate in our human design to want this every single day.

What do successful companies like Zappos, Pandora, Glassdoor, & Menlo Innovations have in common? Based on extensive Wordblu research, they have made what I’m about to expound on your cerebral cortex central to how they operate.

These companies have cracked the code on designing workplaces where people feel a sense of citizenship, & see themselves as stewards of the culture & the company. Here we go…

Give the People what they want – Freedom!!

What was good for the Industrial Age is completely obsolete in today’s relationship economy, yet most companies still operate this way.

Back in the old days, hierarchy & “do what you’re told” worked. Bodies performed simplified, repetitive tasks on the production line, needing commands & direction from the ivory tower.

Today’s talent wants a flat structure that allows the freedom to be inclusive so they can collaborate, participate, innovate & self-organize. Worldblu research shows that organizations that promote freedom-centered leadership (versus, hierarchical, fear-based leadership) create cultures in which everybody–regardless of title, rank or position–has the choice & responsibility to exercise leadership skills.

Sound too soft for your environment? The companies in the research that promote an inverted pyramid of freedom, autonomy & democracy saw an average cumulative revenue growth rate over a three-year period that was 6.7 times greater than that of the S&P 500 companies.

There are certain things that leaders in freedom-centered workplaces do. Be prepared, this may make you cringe.

No, Not the ‘T’ Word!

Yes, transparency is the new normal, & executives that hoard information have to adapt. The more information they hold back, the less knowledge their employees will have, which puts them in an unfavorable position to make better decisions.

What do I mean by “transparency?” Well, it’s going beyond the traditional business definition of full disclosure of financial information to investors. This is simply too narrow a focus.


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