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Employees Need To Feel Connected: Leaders Have To Be Human

Source | | Suzy Taherian

As companies transformed to respond to the economic crisis brought on by the Covid pandemic, they made dramatic changes to corporate strategies, objectives and processes. With so much change, business leaders shouldn’t ignore the crucial task of rebuilding company culture. Yet, creating a sense of shared purpose virtually, at a distance, presents its own set of unique challenges. Employees may be confused about evolving priorities, new policies, and job security. It’s critical to rebuild a connection for employees to the company’s mission. Finance leaders that are able to empathize with their team’s personal experiences and be human, through sharing humor or grief, forge these links with their team.

Employees Need to Feel Connected Before They Contribute

Employees who feel connected to the company and its leadership stay longer and perform better. Those ties, however, have been tested as the Covid-19 crisis eroded employee morale and created anxiety and depression. 

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