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Employer brand key to woo top talent, boosts CV value

Source | LinkedIn | K Sudarshan | Managing Partner- EMA Partners India & Regional VP – Asia, EMA Partners International

A simple measure of your company’s standing in the talent market-place would be to assess how often your people are called for other opportunities. The fact that your employees are sought after should make you happy and happier when they don’t take the bait. What this implies is that the market and competition is putting a value to your employees and as an employer you are creating ‘CV Value” for them.

The other key measure would be about how professionals view your company and how many of them aspire to make a career in your company. Number of factors contribute to building your employer brand.

First and foremost, it is important that your company has a growing business and is constantly reinventing thereby providing newer opportunities to your people who are committed to a long term career with your organization. People do tend to become stale in a role or a business and the key is to keep them renewed and fresh for newer challenges.

If the business is stagnating or the industry in which you operate has low growth prospects, then the quality of people working in your business will taper off over time. Your employer brand is ultimately a function of the opportunities you can create for your people to learn and grow their careers.

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