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Employer Branding Initiatives, Challenges and Big Wins at Qualtrics

Source | LinkedIn | NISHA RAGHAVAN

Starting off your Employer Branding efforts from scratch can be very exciting and challenging at the same time. From convincing your leadership team to getting their consistent buy-in and having your employees to be the talent brand army and voice of the organization; each stage involves its own challenges. Yet once it is done correctly the wins will be tenfold!

When I think of a few brands who established their employer brand from scratch to now the most inspiring ones out there; Qualtrics comes to my mind! Check out @QualtricsLife Blog capturing over 100 employees ‘Why Stories’! 

And of course, I admire the creative and innovative one and only Ms. Shaunda Zilich – The mastermind behind #QualtricsLife and one of the Top 100 HRTech Influencers.

Want to learn more about Employer Branding journey at Qualtrics – Challenges and big wins

Watch the replay of my LinkedIn LIVE with

Shaunda Zilich, Global Talent Brand Manager at Qualtrics

on #LIVEwithNisha

Get to know Shaunda here:

“I have a passion for everything I do to positively impact people’s lives! I enjoy my career but I enjoy life more! I enjoy my family, faith, and friends but I also enjoy helping others turn everyday life into experiences they can ‘write home about’! After an early career in marketing with many different companies and industries, I joined GE for 8 years to establish their global employment brand strategy.

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