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Employer Guide To Hiring & Retaining Veterans

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Good help can be difficult to find these days. With the market in a volatile state of flux, it’s likely you’re in need of fresh talent. One source you’d be remiss to overlook is veterans.

Known for their dedication, strong work ethic and other unique qualities gained from service, these brave men and women can make ideal candidates. Here is a brief look into boosting your veteran hiring and retention efforts.

First, it’s vital to look beyond the military occupation to the proficienciesobtained through the experience. From having a sound, goal-orientated focus to the ability to make quick decisions, these highly transferable skills can be molded to a position you’re looking to fill.

Take this point into consideration when writing the job description. Instead of emphasizing years of experience, certificates or academic degrees veterans may lack, look for role qualifications feasibly acquired throughrelevant experience. By breaking down the job to the absolutely required skills and competencies, you can better appeal to veteran applicants.

Another hiring tip is to gain a better understanding of the military’s culture and even the language. By demonstrating the desire to connect to them through their past experiences, you could improve recruitment strategies as well asveteran employee retention.

Speaking of retention, there are certain approaches specific to veterans. One is to provide more frequent feedback. Regularly accustomed to feedback, many service members thrive on steady assessments as opposed to an annual performance review.

Another approach is to impart aclear sense of purpose, or mission per se. The inclination to fulfill a functionnecessary fortask completion is motivating for those who were drawn to service. It’s recommended to communicate the company’s mission along with project goals and how they play into the project’s success.

While everyone is different, service members often share similar values due to training, expectations and military life in general. As you work to improve veteran relations going forward, keep these values and the sacrifices they have made in mind.

For further pointers on hiring, onboarding and retaining veterans, please see the accompanying resource.

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Veteran Car Donations is a national organization that accepts vehicle donations to better the lives of veterans. The organization partners with a number of well-known veteran charities to help provide essential medical care, mental health services and more.

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