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Living in the age of Smart Environment, we use technology in majority aspects of our daily life. Technology has no meaning without Engineers. From the smallest technologies they build in our smart phones to the largest technologies like satellites, engineers are responsible for every element involved; making things possible for us.

The technological revolution has opened up massive job opportunities across industries, giving the graduates and working professionals a competitive edge over each other. Whilst we are acquainted with the demand for skilled professionals, it’s a reality check on the scarcity of the same. Employment opportunities have increased, but the demand and supply of skilled professionals for certain technologies are still a mismatch. Professionals are opting for extra certifications to ensure they match the demand of the employer.

The best target to solve this could be the graduates. Enhancing the skill sets of the students before their graduation and job hunting, could solve the issues to a larger extent. Giving an insight on the expectations of the employer and the necessity of training them for engineering careers to positively drive our technological process, students can have an upper–hand during interviews.

Global Tech Giants across the globe have come together to solve the issue. Instead of designing a curriculum to match the demand of the employers, educational institutions (colleges and universities) are now collaborating with tech giant companies and co-creating IT Certification programs to industry ready the students. Trending technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, DevOps, Cyber Security, Block Chain, IoT, Mobile Computing, Cloud Computing, and Business Analytics are some of the major courses co–created.

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