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Empowering OneSelf – Designing one’s Personal Journey through Life

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Life brings forth different situations at various points of time and puts the onus on us to take decisions. One says or acts in response, often based on a certain behaviour style that has become one’s personality.These responses then start defining the next stage of this journey called Life. Whether at work or in personal life, our ability to respond to situations appropriately and empowering oneself for that, is therefore key to our happiness and satisfaction in the journey.

Some typical scenarios where our responses affect the direction life takes are as follows.

Scenario 1 : A large Enterprise; large number of functional verticals; each vertical with multiple departments. Perfect case for a need for alignment of goals, cooperation and team work to ensure the enterprise’s goals are met.It also has potential for multiple inter-personal issues; intra departmental, inter-departmental personal friction and conflicts.

Scenario 2 : A startup; young, enthusiastic entrepreneurs get together to build a new business; bring in a few key people with functional expertise for sales, product development etc. Soon find clash of ideas, beliefs, working styles, coming from different experiences or lack of adequate experience.

Scenario 3: A married couple, both working; or, one working and the other managing home; kids happen; issues of managing priorities, inter-personal friction and conflicts on how to handle life’s issues; parenting and ensuring quality upbringing of children.

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