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Unhappy Employee Exits Erode Brand Value

Source | LinkedIn : By Prabhakar Mundkur

Many companies don’t realise that an unhappy employee exit can damage the company brand more than anything else.  An unhappy employee leaving the company is a virtual time bomb. At some time or the other this person is going to vent his frustration to other people, and you have to remember news travels.

Typically the purpose of an exit interview is to glean feedback from employees in order to improve aspects of the organization, better retain employees, and reduce turnover.  But are you missing the crucial question during the exit interview?  Was this employee you are interviewing happy while he was working for your company?  Because if he is not you have a problem.

The unhappy employee will often be guarded when asked to criticise the company.  His guard is up and he would hardly like you to know that he had a terrible time here.  Also he sees the exit interview as a formality, and often he wants to get it over and done with, with the least friction and resistance.  So typically the unhappy employee will put on a mask, and behave mature and objective while he speaks about the what is right or wrong with the company.  So the exit interview will be fairly routine.  Some good points and some bad points. Its only after he leaves the company that he will start attacking your company.

Unhappy Employees can Erode Brand Value

The beleaguered Kingfisher Airlines is a good case of leaving behind over a thousand unhappy employees.  Kingfisher Airlines closed operations in 2012 due to problems of credit and cash, leaving over $2 billion in debt, more than 1000 employees jobless and unpaid salary arrears of over Rs 100 crore. The salaries remain unpaid.  In addition to salaries, although the company made deductions against provident fund and other statutory dues, the company never met its obligations of paying statutory dues to government bodies leaving many employees in the lurch.

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