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Engaging People Starts with These 8 Culture Building Questions

Source | Linkedin | Patrick Leddin

Think of a top-notch organization you know—one you wholeheartedly tell others to work for, or whose story you share with friends at dinner.

  • Why do you recommend it?
  • What makes it so unique?
  • Or put more forcefully, why is that organization so remarkable, and rare, that you tell stories about it?
  • What causes you to feel so strongly about the organization?

Odds are that your answers revolve around the behaviors of employees, how engaged they are in their work, and, ultimately, the culture of the organization. Culture matters.

Why does culture matter?

“A strong culture can be a sustainable competitive advantage—if not the only sustainable competitive advantage—because it cannot be duplicated, unlike a product, price point, or delivery system.

A healthy company culture provides an environment that supports stronger recruiting, retention, increased customer intimacy and loyalty, greater productivity, and an increased sense of employee ownership. A strong culture also directly impacts the bottom line.” – Forbes

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