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Enhancements that HR Technology Bring to You

By Rachel Smith

HR technology can really enhance the way HRM activities are carried out in the organization and give all the stakeholders a more convenient and effective way of carrying out their activities. Here are some enhancements that HR technology brings to you:

Single interface

HRM is vast and complex, and organizations normally use multiple applications to manage different aspects of it. Indeed, they even outsource some of the HRM activities like payroll and training. In all this, there is the chance that data silos are formed, and there is no collaboration among the stakeholders involved in the process. HR technology eliminates this issue by bringing all the HRM tasks onto one platform and giving employees a single interface to manage all their tasks from.


Another huge enhancement to the HRM profess is the self-service feature that comes with HR technology. The self—service feature saves so much time and effort for all the stakeholders and ensures that everyone can complete their tasks in record times. Also, there is no need for employees to run from one place to another to get their tasks done. From the comfort of their cubicles, all their tasks can be completed effectively and conveniently.


This is one of the most significant enhancements to the HRM process with the technology. From recruitment to performance management to employee engagement, there are a bunch of tasks in HRM that are repetitive and tedious, and therefore would be better when they are automated instead of being carried out by HR professionals or employees. For example, take the performance management activity. In the course of this, HR professionals would have to prepare appraisal forms and send them to all the employees. Further, they would have to follow up with the employees to ensure that the forms are completed in time. Instead of doing all this manually, the software can be programmed to use templates and send mails to employees. It can also recognize whether an appraisal form has been filled in or not, and remind the employee to fill it before the deadline. The software can also automatically sort the responses and make them available to HR professionals in a manner that is easy to understand and comprehend.


Another significant enhancement to the HRM process, analytics can have a huge impact on the way everything is managed. Analytics help uncover insights from the data that is collected and sorted. It tells the stakeholders where HRM efforts are lacking and where they are effective. It offers them the complete lowdown on the process and helps them plug the gaps and make better use of their time and efforts.


Reporting is another major task in HRM. HR professionals have to periodically prepare reports on multiple aspects of HRM to keep senior management appraised of their efforts and how effective they are. When HRM is carried out using manual processes and spreadsheets, reporting becomes a highly cumbersome task. Data has to be mined from multiple sources and sorted thoroughly, a task that can take hours, if not days. With HR technology, reporting can also be automated, and all the time employees spend on reporting can be saved in an instant. There is no need to mine or sort data since it is already done, and HR professionals need only give the conditions and parameters on which to pull reports.

Apart from the above, there will also a noticeable improvement in employee engagement and satisfaction when you use technology.


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Rachel Smith:

Rachel works for SutiSoft, Inc as a web content writer. Rachel covers business, technology and SaaS trends.

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