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Enhancing employee experience – an essential – but gradual – process?

By | Ester Martinez | LinkedIn Top Voices | CEO, People Matters | TechHR | BeNext: Cohort-based Certifications

According to a new report by Willis Towers Watson, 94% of employers around the world say enhancing employee experience will be a priority over the next three years. Amidst the struggles and impacts of COVID-19, this important goal will not be an easy one to meet. However, a key, proven way to boost EX is through learning opportunities and a sense of human connection. Time and again, BeNext learners praise our mix of synchronous and asynchronous learning, blending skills-building with the social aspect many of us miss so much about the pre-pandemic world. Read on to find out how BeNext can help you to improve your employee experience all around. 

Quickfire Interview with Kristin Strunk, Director, Talent and Employee Experience, Harley Davidson 

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Every fortnight we feature a top, highly-engaged BeNext learner for a quickfire interview on their experience of their program. Here, we speak to Kristin Strunk, Director, Talent and Employee Experience at Harley Davidson and Co-Host of the Uplifting Women Podcast. Kristin took part in the BeNext Diversity & Inclusion: Overcoming Unconscious Bias program, which is running again in August 2021. 

What is the biggest challenge facing leaders today? 

The biggest challenge for leaders today is the amount of change and ambiguity right now. Plans cannot be made for 12 months at a time. Helping their teams to understand the changing marketplace, understanding their teams and the individual needs of their team members, and planning rather than reacting to everything that is coming at them. Continuing to learn and be curious can be exhausting, and it can be difficult to role model all of the “best practices” to create a high performing team.

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