What an Entrepreneur Should Know Before Hiring a Freelancer

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For a start-up, as the work load grows, it’s not always possible to hire new employees to get the job done. A growing option for entrepreneurs has been to hire freelancers, who come on board and are able to understand the vision of the company to work accordingly.

With more and more millennials getting tired of the 9-5 corporate job and wanting more flexible work timing, freelancing becomes a great way out for them. For employers too, freelancers get work done at a lesser amount than they would have otherwise spent on hiring a full-time employee.

But while hiring freelancers is a great trend, there are also things one should keep in mind before hiring them for the company. Entrepreneur India spoke to the start-up community about how they go about hiring freelancers and they shared tips on what others should know before working with freelancers.

Time Management

Most start-ups hire freelancers when they are working on a strict deadline but do not have enough resources to achieve the targets. But considering that they are working on a deadline, it becomes very important for the freelancer to understand the timing and importance of the project.

While working with freelancers, establishing trust is crucial, believes Naren Raparthi, COO, Raasta Studios. “Timely delivery is the biggest problem with freelancers as they never stay connected with us. They multi-task and therefore, focus and quality issues often come up. You need to understand and assess their technical acumen before hiring them,” he said. Another point founders need to focus is to ensure that the freelancers become an integral part of the team at least during the execution of the project.

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