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Source | LinkedIn : By Rajeev Moothedath

I had discussed in an earlier post about knowledge sharing sessions of two hour duration  organized by us for the benefit of employees on various subjects.In respect of  a few of them which I felt was particularly noteworthy and  needed to reach  a wider audience,  I have taken notes and shared in our company intranet. This was in a sense a test on my writing  skills to capture the essence of a two hour presentation in a few words .

Here I am sharing a session given for our team leaders and above level executives in December 2012  by  Dr Srinivasa Raghavan,strategic advisor & professor of strategic management at the Loyola Institute of Business Administration (LIBA) Chennai and former Secretary to the Government of India of Posts(Retd).

Now the article as it acually unfolded…….

In order to succeed in today’s scenario,it is necessary that an employee/manager/leader has a sense of the business as a whole.He or she needs to keep the eyes & ears open for every new possibility or opportunity to encash/do better, was the gist of the presentation.

At the outset Dr Srinivasa Raghavan spoke about the ten commandments of entrepreneurship:-

1)  Be a visionary like JRD Tata
2)  Be innovative like Steve Jobs
3)  Take advantage of opportunities like Dhirubai Ambani
4)  Dream & be creative like Ratan Tata
5)  Be a change agent & manage change like Kiran Mazumdar
6)  Be a problem solver like K.V.Kamath
7)  Take measured risks like Raghavendra Rao
8)  Be a leader and Lead from the front like Narayanamurthy
9)  Be a decision maker like T.V.S.Iyengar
10) Be achievement oriented & self actualize like Shiv Nadar

Dr Raghavan laced his presentation with stories from his personal experience of working in a government department in various senior level positions including that of the  Director General and Member Postal services board when he faced challenging situations- challenge of bringing entrepreneurial inputs in to a system that traditionally believed  that  in Service, there was no  business for business.

Yet, it was initiatives in this area and forays in to banking,logistics,selling commercial products through post offices ( Retail posts), tie up with the private sector,Western Union for money transfer,sale of government securities& fragrant stamps through post offices, opening of postal finance mart etc that helped the postal department to stay afloat and not become redundant & irrelevant in the changed world of Emails & chatting as forms of communication.The concept of ‘Speed Posts’ gave the courier services a run for their money.The speed post came to be trusted as more reliable & faster than the courier services. As Dr Srinivasan initiated most of these programs,he was in a position to give authentic details to the audience as to what actually happened.

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