Why Entrepreneurs Should Always Express Gratitud

Source | Entrepreneur : By Devika Majumder

We’ve all heard about the importance of being grateful. Being thankful is easy  when things are going your way – when someone is nice to you  or helps you out of a tight spot, or when  things happen  according to your wish.

Entrepreneurship however, is far from a smooth happy ride. It is packed with challenges and uncertainties, and a million highs and lows. So how is it possible to be grateful then?

Let’s start by first understanding why being grateful is important.

Why be Grateful

Studies have shown that expressing gratitude increases self-esteem and resilience. It also increases determination and energy. People who express gratitude have fewer aches and pains, fewer psychological problems and  get better rest. All of  these factors helps them to be more productive.

Gratitude makes people connect better and win the trust of others. It can help you sell better. Being thankful also makes you appreciate the efforts of your team members and improves team morale, making you a better leader.

How to Express Gratitude, When You Don’t Feel It

Entrepreneurship is not for the faint hearted. Under the aura of excitement, riches and glory that surround it, entrepreneurship requires hard work and contains hard knocks.

Being grateful when you are living in the trenches of entrepreneurship is difficult. But it is during these times that gratitude should be practiced deliberately and actively

Here are a few simple ways to do just that:

Say Thank You

Start by simply saying the words to those around you, whether friends, family or strangers. They may be meant for a restaurant staff who brings your coffee or a bus driver, for a colleague who is just doing their job or for your mother when she has cooked a favourite dish. These simple words are sure to bring on a smile – a much needed antidote to your despairing mood.

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