Entrepreneurs have a STORY, not a CV

Source | Linkedin .com  |  BY:Amith Sardhsa , Managing director  Soul Software 

Is an entrepreneur necessarily the one who writes pay cheques? In fact, each and every person performing a vital role in their organizations is an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur is the one who is irreplaceable (Hint: Steve Jobs). S/he is the one who survives the high tides. They are the ones who create stories. The rest just play functional roles in shaping their tale. It is interesting how functional employees’ CVs show bits and pieces of stories as well, but not of their own.

I faced a situation 16 years ago when I was going through a change in my life from being a well-established entrepreneur to starting up again.

I was compelled towards finding “SURVIVAL” of basic things in life against the itch to start something new and change the world. Browsing online, I saw an advertisement by a startup looking for their Sales Head. I decided to give it a shot.

They needed a resume and being an entrepreneur, I never thought of having one then. All I had was, my journey of how I started, what I did, where I failed and how I came back fighting. As it turned out, they were more than happy to listen to a nice lunch-time tale. There I was a couple of days later in my usual colourful shirt and blue jeans, sitting in front of 3 young IIM grads in a conference room with two boxes of pizza.

“Mr. Sarda, we have read a little about you. Please tell us something more about yourself.”

A few slices of pizza and a cup of coffee of our conversation later, they offered me something much more than what one can expect.

The founder looked into my eyes and said, “Would you like to join us as one of the founders? We will be happy to share sweat equity and compensate you with a handsome take away more than anyone of us here.”

Baffled as I was, I asked them for a little time before I could come up with an answer. This is where I made a crucial (and probably the most correct) decision of my life. As the excitement calmed down, the itch came back and this time, with a question that had to be answered honestly.


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