Entrepreneurship and 3S’s of Spirituality

Source | Linkedin | Dinesh Singh | Venture Partner at Leo.Capital

Do you really need to leave work to learn and practice Yoga? You can do it every morning and weekends. No?

Your full time job was to do yoga every day for half a year. How much yoga can you really do daily?

You could have taken few weeks off to travel Himalayas? What were you exactly doing there for 4 months?

Well, these are some of the questions I keep hearing. The context is that for many years, i was an entrepreneur doing different businesses, before i took a break early last year and did two things: travelled to remotest places in Himalayas, and learnt and taught yoga for 8 months. 

I won’t go into the detailed answers for such questions but I thought of providing my perspective on areas especially entrepreneurs can relate to. So, to begin with, I’ll start from what was going on with me when I decided to do this.

What was going on?

Like most entrepreneurs, my days were fun. Definitely busy. There was a lot of struggle to get things done and manage unpredictability but I was unreasonably optimistic most of the time to get through those. But I knew not everything is right. I was more exposed to the world than most of my peers, which should had given me more kindness, acceptance and balance. But no, I was going the other way.

I was a seeker then also, and I knew that there is more to life. And to get there, I started observing myself and noticed few things. There was simply too much going on in my head, and I realized I had become a compulsive thinker. As an entrepreneur, you always want to make things happen and there can a certain impatience, which I considered as a positive… at least for a while before realizing it is affecting my balance. Importantly, these changes don’t limit themselves to your professional life only because they essentially impact who you are.

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