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Startup entrepreneurship is a journey that many can’t think of; or wouldn’t want to take, due to the risk and effort involved. Making a success of it gives a satisfaction, few other endeavours can match.

At present, hardly 10% startups in India eventually succeed. Amongst the successful ones are many, what we call,  impossible innovators; who have beaten all odds in terms of childhood background, education and experiences, to achieve their goals.

For any observer, the wow factor of the success lies not just in the business idea or execution story of a successful startup enterprise. It comes more from the doggedness, grit and determination  displayed to fight all odds; by people who were least expected to jump into entrepreneurship.

InfinumGrowth collaborates with Krishna Jonnakadla and his Maharajas of Scale, a podcast venture, to curate and bring forth sets of podcasts; interviews with startup entrepreneurs,  that give you amazing stories of entrepreneurial journeys. Stories that provide great learning about strategy, agility and mental strength ; which could become benchmarks in your own startup journey.

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