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An exclusive interview with Ms. Annapurna. A complete strategist and execution oriented HR professional with 20 plus years of experience who has always been a change agent in various organizations. She has mostly executed green field projects and built the organizations in driving organization development, effectiveness and leadership. 

  • Can you give me your brief background about yourself and the company you’re working for?

 Well I come from the HR space. 20 years into HR, worked with different kinds of companies from manufacturing to IT to sales services, Public sectors to private sectors.

I have worked with 8 different companies but then HR has been the core. And this is the 8th company for which I’m working right now. We’re into the very niche space of supply chain management and supply chain consulting. We’re the platinum partners for Oracle. We’re also in the space of cloud computing. All my previous organizations have been different. As I said, I was in IT product company, IT services, optical lens services, infrastructure services, aerospace and hard-core manufacturing. What I can put into nutshell, “From the bricks to the cloud.” 

  • What are the key strategic challenges faced by your organization – Inspirage, as well as the industry?

Key challenges, every time, then or now, has been talent. Always. But having said that, today we say that with the growth of technology, with the speed of the change, it’s very important and challenging at the same time that we find the right person for the right job. Today it’s the environment where we just can’t tell that a particular talent should be able to do only this much. One should be capable of doing a broad spectrum of things. And one should be able to adapt to the change. It’s about Agility and also aspiring high.

Aspiration to achieve is there in everyone. “How can you convert that aspiration into action?” – That’s the challenge we face. The same applies in my organization. With technologies disrupting things, we are unable to cope, I mean, run with that speed of getting the right people to put it at the right space where someone can be quick and understand the changes. We should be developing talent of that sort. So that’s one of the key challenge for me which I’m grappling with right now. Similarly, I mean, this is across industries you can take pharma or manufacturing or new start-up companies or digital; in all industries we’re seeing a lot of change happening.

Technology has been taking care of many mundane things. What are the new roles which are coming up? How do I embrace these roles, understand the role descriptions and how do I fit into that? What are the skills I should be having for that? For the new age economies, new types of roles which are emerging. Am I envisaging that and do I have the talent for that? These are some of the challenges which are coming across in different industries and even in my industry also. 

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