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Ep 5: Joshua Karthik on Succeeding as a Gig Worker

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Gig work is catching on. Yet most gig workers make the same mistakes that prevent them from succeeding. In the 5th episode of Dreamers and Unicorns by PeopleStrong, I invited Joshua Karthik to join me in the studio to discuss the #NewCodeOfWork

You may have read about the 6 tips for Business that I wrote about. Read it here <click this>

Joshua Karthik

I met Joshua Karthik in 2016 when we were both chosen to receive the Distinguished Alumni Award. Joshua was given the award for Entrepreneurship. So I always wanted to know what he does differently from so many others.

Joshua Karthik finished MBA from XLRI in 2005 and joined Asian Paints. He worked there for seven years and in 2012 he joined his brother Joseph Radhik to form Stories by Joseph Radhik, arguably India’s most sought after wedding photographers. In 2016 he co-founded PEP that organizes the Photography Conference. He invited me to speak at the Conference and I got a glimpse into a world I had never seen.

Joshua Karthik

Joshua Karthik and his brother are behind the Virat Kohli-Anoushka wedding photos that got 10 million views. Their photos of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas have been viewed 17 million times.

You can read about it here <Storytelling tips from a wedding photographer>

Joshua Karthik

What was the trigger to become an entrepreneur?

Here are three things Joshua Karthik spoke about

  1. Usually people walk away from something – a bad boss, a boring job, a poor increment, office politics etc. Instead walk towards something that you feel you cannot wait any more for. Walk towards something – not away from something.
  2. Quit your job when you are on a high. Carry the positive energy into your new job. Joshua Karthik quit his job at Asian Paints after 7 years when he was doing really well.
  3. While you are still an employee, practice doing things which no one may have asked you to. Build your skills. Help a colleague. Build a wide network of people.

Listen to Joshua Karthik talk about it.

Joshua Karthik

People often advise the gig workers to have a “decent” bank balance before they jump into doing freelance work. Some people suggest having six months worth of money in the bank so that you don’t get stressed waiting for work to happen. Some people suggest a larger amount. Joshua’s take was more pragmatic.

If you are a gig worker, listen to the episode. Joshua Karthik gives you the most usable and practical piece of advice you have got. If you are THINKING about doing your own thing some day, then definitely listen to the episode and make a checklist of what you need to know one day before you quit your job.

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