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Episode 81: How Does a Great Learning Experience Deliver Value to the Business? (Interview with Peter Manniche Riber)

By | David Green |

This week’s podcast guest is Peter Manniche Riber, Head of Digital Learning and Analytics at Novo Nordisk, speaking about how the shift to remote work and digital ways of working has, in many ways, democratised learning and made it more inclusive. Great learning experiences should deliver value to the individual by opening up new opportunities as well as creating value for the organisation.  

Throughout the episode Peter and I discuss:

  • What a great learning experience looks like and how it delivers value to the business

  • How to measure the business impact of learning, using business indicators and data that already exists in the organisation

  • How to focus on the ethics of analysing learning data, to deliver value, not only to the business, but to the individual employee as well

  • What we mean by data driven learning design and why it is so important

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You can listen to this week’s episode below, or by using your podcast app of choice, just click the corresponding image to get access via the podcast website here.

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