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The core of essentialism as a concept focuses on the idea that any particular entity requires certain elements for its functioning and existence. These are the essential traits which make an entity what it is. Essentialism is a book which deals with situations wherein people would find themselves in the middle of an information explosion. They could also feel occupied with a lot of work, but still be unproductive.

There are times when people follow the notion that they have to do everything, but on the contrary, they end up doing nothing. There is no specific direction to their tasks and neither to their goals. Essentialism as a concept narrows down this notion into doing the right things which are absolutely necessary, in a right manner and at the right time. It is about categorising things as important and unimportant as per one’s personal goals, and doing only the important things.

This ensures that there is a proper channel for one’s energy, time, and effort, which can be applied to a specific goal in order to achieve it. Essentialism, the book, helps the readers in adopting this disciplined way of thinking which can be practiced and applied in real-life scenarios to achieve lasting success. It is an approach adopted by successful people of top-notch companies, which can now be used by any common man. This book was published by Virgin Books in 2014, and is available in paperback.


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