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ET Back to Business Summary – New skills for the post-pandemic workplace

Source | | ET Spotlight

Author: Milan Sheth – Executive Vice President, IMEA Region, Automation Anywhere

The shift in business operations in a post-pandemic world has led to many changes such as an acceptance of work-from-anywhere, the further rise of the ‘gig economy, and the consideration of human emotions at the workplace on a much deeper level. Automation is a key factor in each of these three shifts as enterprises are increasingly turning to bots to work alongside humans in a quasi-digital reality. Automation makes available a sense of flexibility that did not exist previously, and it is augmenting a simultaneous shift in business models as well. The current business shift is also leading to a situation of ‘excess talent’ and enterprises are thus giving their workers the opportunity to upskill and focus on more creative or paradigm-shifting tasks.

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