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Ethical Artificial Intelligence Becomes A Supreme Competitive Advantage

Source | | Joe McKendrick

Ethical AI ensures more socially conscious approaches to customer and employee interactions, and in the long run, may be the ultimate competitive differentiatior as well, a recent survey suggests. Three in five consumers who perceive their AI interactions to be ethical place higher trust in the company, spread positive word of mouth, and are more loyal. More than half of consumers participating in a recent survey say they would purchase more from a company whose AI interactions are deemed ethical.

That’s the word coming out of a study of 1,580 executives and 4,400 consumers from the Capgemini Research Institute. As organizations progress to harness the benefits of AI, consumers, employees and citizens are watching closely and are ready to reward or punish behavior. Those surveyed said that they would be more loyal to, purchase more from, or be an advocate for organizations whose AI interactions are deemed ethical.

Companies using AI in an ethical way will be rewarded, the study’s authors — a team led by Anne-Laure Thieullent,

managing director of Capgemini’s Artificial Intelligence & Analytics Group — concludes. Among consumers surveyed, 62% said they would place higher trust in a company whose AI interactions they perceived as ethical, 61% said they would share positive experiences with friends and family, 59% said that they would have higher loyalty to the company, and 55% said that they would purchase more products and provide high ratings and positive feedback on social media.

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