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Get a better insight into your coaching skills and specific coaching strengths and weaknesses, Take the coaching skills assessment by clicking the link below where you will be asaked to rate how frequently you make use of techniques described by ten statements about coaching accroding to the following values:

Getting ready to coach someone to help them improve their performance?

For better coaching results, consider answering the following questions first before attempting to coach:

bullet What opportunities does my role provide for me to coach my staff, peers or even my boss?

bullet How exactly can coaching help improve the current situation versus just telling them what to do or just ignoring the issue?

bullet Which of my staff really needs coaching to improve their performance?

bullet What is the person i’m about to coach doing specifically that needs to change? (Must be very specific and have evidence)

bullet What specific changes or improvements do I want to see and how after the changes are implemented do I know that the situation is good enough? (Must be very specific)

bullet What is the benchmark that needs to be achieved and are the people capable of achieving this or not?

bullet What are the most important questions do I need to ask the person I’m going to coach?

bullet When will I have to be more directive and less questioning and vice versa?

bullet What milestones to set and when should I check for progress?

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