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Ever Wonder Why Some People Thrive Under Pressure? Here’s Their Secret

Source | LinkedIn | Robert Glazer | Entrepreneur, Best-Selling Author and Speaker | Founder & CEO @ Acceleration Partners

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Have you ever wondered why some individuals are able to consistently achieve at such a high level? They are always pushing forward and hitting their goals. They seem to be doing more with less, while the rest of us spin our wheels and don’t make as much progress. The same is true with organizations. It might be comforting to believe they have some advantage over you, when the truth is that they have become an elevated version of themselves.

I want you to picture two people. Person A is stressed throughout the day. When things are going well, they’re focused and high-performing, but when adversity strikes, they crumble under pressure.

Person B is often described as resilient and unflappable. When they encounter obstacles they work through them quickly, and they treat failure as a necessary part of learning.

As a leader, it’s vital to be more like Person B. When challenges strike, you need to be the one to rally your team and stay confident. No matter how talented, focused and purposeful you are, you have to have the emotional capacity to overcome adversity. You can start by changing your mindset.

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