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Every Digital Transformation Needs a Digital Transition Coach

By | Prabu Ganapathy | Head – People & Learning Practices

One of the most obvious outcomes of the COVID-19 pandemic has been the acceleration of digital transformation initiatives as an organizational imperative. When it comes to digital transformation, the focus invariably shifts towards the technologies, processes, and applications that drive digital capabilities for the organization. After all, digital transformation is all about integrating digital technologies into all business areas to fundamentally change how organizations operate and deliver value.

The urgency to digitally transform has increased now more than ever as organizations realize that digital capabilities are essential to keep the lights on. However, while the focus on technology is obvious, we need to remember that digital transformation is as much about people as it is about technology.

Making the digital shift is not just about ditching the printer or setting up network security alone. Digital transformation transforms the entire organization. Hence, organizations need to support this change by helping the workforce develop the new skills and capabilities they will need to leverage digital technologies and understand their impact on the business and culture of the organization. Further, digital transformation is incomplete without increasing the data literacy levels of the organizations since the ultimate objective of digital transformation is to help the organization become truly data-driven in all its aspects. 

Because of this, digital transformation becomes all about people. Hence, it makes sense to complement digital transformation with digital transition coaches to drive digital adoption.

The role of a digital transition coach

With the COVID-19 pandemic suddenly making an appearance, organizations had to pivot and begin using digital technologies to enable remote work. Although they had been looking at increasing digital adoption, the pandemic compelled organizations to deliver 100% digital experiences. 

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