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Everyday leadership – Drew Dudley

We have all changed someone’s life — usually without even realizing it. In this funny talk, Drew Dudley calls on all of us to celebrate leadership as the everyday act of improving each other’s lives. (Filmed at TEDxToronto.)

Talk by Drew Dudley.


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  1. You, sir, are really really amazing. I listened to this TED talk when I was having similar thoughts regarding small leadership and little achievements in the day to day life. Thank you.

  2. So I met this guy at summer college and I bummed a cigarette off of him and in that moment I felt this is going to be not somebody I just bummed a cigarette off of. I dated him for a little bit and then I fell in love with his best friend. His best friend ended up being my first love and I dated him for three years. After we broke up my friend introduced me to my first loves ex-girlfriend and we became fast friends and we are still great friends to this day. Years later I was dating someone who treated me badly, being a bit of a “bad kid” himself my friend convinced me to get back together with him. Just a month later I got pregnant. I did end up leaving that guy but I ended up getting a wonderful daughter out of it. While I was pregnant my friends little brother killed himself, The only reason why stayed sane was because of the child growing inside of me. Two years later to the day that friend committed suicide I became better friends with his sister. Four months after he committed suicide I went to his sisters baby shower in Phoenix. I drove all the way up from Tucson. That night I went out with my cousins and I ended up meeting the love of my life and my now husband Who is wonderful to me.My friend had made such a huge impact on my life that I couldn’t imagine what it would have been like had I never met him. I didn’t put it all together while he was alive but I know I have told him over and over in my head. You never know who is going to make such a huge impact on your life. I guess that’s why I have a hard time letting people go. My Friend was a pretty bad influence on me and yet everything worked out exactly as it should have. In fact had he not committed suicide I would’ve never met my husband it is just so strange to see the butterfly effect.

  3. Whenever I see school janitors, company maintenance workers and so forth (the ones who never get appreciation), I say, “I know what you do is pretty much a thankless job, so I want you to know that I think you’re doing a great job.” That’s it. Nothing more. In that moment, though, it’s incredible how much they light up. I’m nobody important, but to hear that their work matters and someone is taking notice, they glow with pride.

  4. You nearly coaxed me out my shell of fearing responsibility by stating small, but then you were all like you're so powerful and you have to use this power.

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