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Source | Indian Express : By Blessy Mathew Prasad

They say your whole world changes when you become a mother. But along with all the new-found joy and laughter, come the struggles. One, for instance – balancing work and home. In 2014, Sairee Chahal came up with SHEROES, the perfect platform for women to find suitable and flexible work opportunities. With over half a million users already, the online portal is making life easier for Indian women. Excerpts..

How did you come up with the idea for SHEROES? was established in 2014. The idea of SHEROES evolved from my previous venture Fleximoms which had started as a pilot project for women on a career break, to identify flex work options, work from home or those who were looking for more friendly opportunities. I was inspired by what I saw around myself. The core of our philosophy is to help women navigate career stages and find work that fits their life.

What are the features of the site?

SHEROES, the career world for women, provides a career eco-system with opportunities of various work formats – full time, flex work options, entrepreneurial work options, internships, and projects. Women here have access to all kinds of assistance including mentor calls, coaching, offline interventions and career resources. is also the largest curator of legible work from home jobs in India. The job board is an open job board, where companies keen to hire women can post their jobs for free and women apply directly. So we do not slow down the process by adding any conditions or processes that may impact this adversely. Today, is the largest career platform for women in the world.

Who provides mentorship and advice? What are their qualifications?

Mentorship is offered by industry professionals who have years of experience in their specialised fields. They volunteer with SHEROES, connecting with the community, helping them with their career queries and showing them the way forward.

Any plans for the upgradation of your services?

Yes. 2016 is going to see a lot of new things from for SHEROES. We are working on interesting product features such as Career Helpline and Mobile app, which are being tested.

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