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Everyone’s favorite life coach on generosity: “Givers must be careful it doesn’t come at too much of a personal cost.”​

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Happy Thanksgiving from the entire Hello Monday team! We’re taking a week off from new episodes as we prepare to spend time sharing meals with friends and family on Thursday. So, this week is a great time to revisit our episode with Adam Grant.

Adam’s an organizational psychologist and a professor at Wharton, but I tend to think of him as everyone’s favorite life coach.  He thinks you can improve your memory. He has rules for how to tame your Inbox. He has an endless stream of productivity tips. 

And, Adam is more thoughtful than most about what it means to nurture our social networks. I’m not talking about software here. I mean our actual communities – the people we meet, work with, and choose to help out. 

Personally, I’m completely overwhelmed by the number of ways I am in touch with people – phone, via text, on work email, personal email, via messaging services, and on social networks–and I feel like I fail all the time. I miss important things. And it cuts into the time I have to a critical part of my job as a writer–the writing part. So this episode, Adam and I compared notes. 

He has very smart thoughts on how and when to be a giving person and why it will matter even more in the future. He has a great approach to drawing boundaries with people.  And he explains how he gets his work done without distraction

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Here are some highlights….

On being generous at work: “Givers tend to be overrepresented among both the worst performers and the best performers. Helping others can elevate your career, but it can also undermine it if you’re not thoughtful about how you do it.”

On making giving work in your favor: “Successful givers must be careful when they help others to make sure it doesn’t come at too much of a personal cost.”

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