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The first thing is to understand that what one always dreamed of is far beyond fear

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“When you do what you love and are passionate about, you don’t need a master plan to know how things are going to turn out,” said Mark Zuckerberg . Throughout my career, I have read and received thousands of tips to achieve the success of my endeavor. Most of them emphasized passion as the engine that keeps everything going, and the ability to adapt the plan as you go. But there are many other tips, and very varied, because undertaking is not easy and sometimes it feels like piloting an airplane blindfolded. That is why I am not going to give advice in this note, but to tell my experience.

I also believe that entrepreneurship is about finding a passion and transforming it into an idea of impact. In my case, the trigger was to create a cloud-based platform to multiply flexible work opportunities for millions of women. But the story of my entrepreneurship is, like so many others, a path of permanent effort, motivation and courage that I travel better when I think about the rule of the three results of my business: #people, #profit and #planet (people, profits and planet).

2020 was a very particular year for global entrepreneurship. Although many businesses were affected by the pandemic, paradoxically there was an increase in activity . It is that uncertain scenarios are a fertile field for risk, the perfect setting to launch into the passion of doing that comes when the world stops. In this ever-changing context, I spoke with March Violante, at Entrepreneur Masters , about the challenges of entrepreneurship.

1. To undertake, you have to overcome fear

Image: Melanie Wasser via Unsplash

The first thing is to understand that what one always dreamed of is far beyond fear. Fears are overcome by dreaming big, thinking that there is nothing you cannot achieve if you are determined to do so. They are overcome when the entrepreneur is convinced that the most important opinion is the one he has of his project. But dealing with them is important. As Philipp Berger says in his book, The Role of Fear for Entrepreneurial Venture Creation , at the base of the entrepreneur’s fears is the fear of failure, which is very common but can be paralyzing if we do not break it down and confront it.

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