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Everything HR Needs to Know About People Science


Where would your organization be in a month if everyone focused on improving every single week? It’s a big question to consider. And right now is a perfect time to focus on improvement as organizations think about their post-pandemic business and talent strategies

I’ve been hearing about the term people science for a while and wanted to learn more about how people science can help managers and employees improve – not just once but on a continuous basis. So I reached out to Jessie Wisdom, PhD, co-founder and head of people science at Humu, an HR software platform that makes it easy for organizations to improve, every single week.. Prior to Humu, Dr. Wisdom led projects for Google’s People Innovation Lab. 

Jessie, thanks so much for being here. I’m very intrigued by the term “people science”. Can you briefly explain what people science is and why organizations should pay attention to it?

[Wisdom] People Science is a people-focused approach that brings academic rigor to the study and practice of happiness and success at work. It combines insights and methodologies from the fields of behavioral economics, industrial-organizational psychology, organizational development, and data science.

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