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Everything You Need to Know to Optimize Your Career

Source | LinkedIn : By James Citrin

I’ve been working in executive recruiting, career management, and leadership research for nearly 25 years. After thousands of CEO and executive interviews, tens of thousands of surveys, seven published books, and several years of planning and development, I am thrilled to share The Career Playbook Interactive with you. The Career Playbook Interactive is a video based career development program that brings to life everything I’ve learned about how to find a great job and how to thrive in today’s dynamic workplace.

Here are 5 of the many critical lessons for career success you will learn in The Career Playbook Interactive:

  1. How to kick start your career
  2. Learn to make the Career Triangle work for you
  3. Master the art of the interview
  4. Value the importance of relationships
  5. Succeed through serving others

The Career Playbook Interactive has been created to engage in 29 short modules of some of the best-known career leaders in the world from Facebook, Drop Box, Johnson and Johnson, LinkedIn and Career Center directors at colleges like Dartmouth, Wesleyan, and Indiana University Alumni Association. You can go through these modules anywhere, anytime via any web device, desktops, laptops, smartphones, or tablets at their own pace.

Note to Career Center Directors and Counselors: We have designed the Career Playbook Interactive using the amazing Narrative Platform to enable career coaches and instructors to launch the modules through their institution’s learning management systems and customize the modules by adding their own transmedia: YouTube or Kaltura videos, digital documents, web links, images, formative assessments and polling questions.

Throughout my exciting and fulfilling career, I’ve learned that change is opportunity. We want to reach people around the world hungry for real world advice on designing the career that is right for them. The Career Playbook Interactive is the kind of information I would like to have had when I began my career. It harnesses wisdom from so many career development leaders and to be able to share it at this kind of scale. I hope you will enjoy it and that it guides you to a life of career fulfillment.

Sign up for The Career Playbook Interactive and/or pass it along to friends and family members who may be entering the job market for the first time, or are preparing to change careers. And please share your feedback and comments. Enjoy!

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