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Evolving people practices in the backdrop of the pandemic & beyond…..

By | Lulu Augustine | An established HR leader with expertise in creating & implementing strategic partnerships

What better time than the present to bring about a shift in our thinking and practices based on theories and principles from textbooks; This is the time to stake claim as early adopters in the evolving landscape of people and Human Resource

We have witnessed a paradigm shift in how organizations and leaders view people And it is indeed a welcome shift in people strategy, to keep up with changing dynamics of how we do business, in the light of  the pandemic

Tough times call for disruptive and innovative People practices and thereby strategy to enable us stand tall and  withstand the rough Weather

 Age old beliefs and practices have been redefined and leaders have been quick to adapt and adopt new age technology to make connections with their employees and also to keep the team together. As also creating more time for social interactions and day-to- day connections to ensure delivery.

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