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Ex-Amazon recruiter says hiring managers spend just 6 seconds on your resume—here’s how to impress them instantly

By | Karen Gilchrist |

The Great Resignation is seeing workers quit their jobs at historic levels, with many seeking new roles that better suit their needs and values.

That has upped the ante for companies, who need to make themselves more appealing to modern workers. But it has also piled the pressure on employees, who must vie against stiff competition for the most in-demand roles.

The first step toward that is crafting an excellent resume that will grab recruiters’ attention amongst the crowd. And yet, still so many are getting this first step wrong, according to Lindsay Mustain, an ex-Amazon recruiter and author of “7 critical resume mistakes to avoid.”

In an independent survey conducted by Mustain, the majority of candidates said they spend between 20 and 40 hours writing their resume.

With an average of 200-250 applicants per job opening, the typical recruiter spends just six seconds on each resume in the early stages of a hiring process, she said. For her, “it’s more like four,” Mustain told CNBC Make It.

It’s therefore critical that candidates optimize their resume to make it clear and compelling for any recruiter, she said, outlining three tips for doing so.

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