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Excellence through people !! #PeopleMatters

Source | LinkedIn | Anuj Gulati | Zonal Demand Head at

With short 3 years experience of handling a team across telecom and e-commerce, thought of reflecting and penning down my key learnings.

Your team is everything

Once you have this in mind all your efforts would be directed towards improving/grooming/developing skills ultimately yielding a better team that work towards a common vision.

Target setting/role clarity

Why am I here? 

Never form a team where even a single employee has the above question in mind.

An employee without a purpose leads to a team without a vision

Take interest in their interest

In the process of understanding your team, know their interest (not through professional lenses).

Happy face !!

Would like to share a real life experience. One fine day I was having a casual interaction with one of my field executives (Bhartidasan). Conversation started with his background, family whereabouts and financial problems. During all this, he mentioned that he wants to grow in his career and one thing that is stopping is his communication skills.

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